About Us

Our story starts about 3 years ago. I (Holly) decided to go to a aerial hoop taster session at my local studio. Little did I know back then - that taster session would shape the next several years of my life. I loved hoop. I wanted to hoop every day. 6 months later I allowed myself to go to a pole taster. Well that was it then - the studio had me hook line and sinker!
I am not the most body confident of people so the thought of putting on a pair of shorts horrified me - let alone getting my tummy out. But I thought if this room full of other women of all different shapes and sizes can do it then so can I! Like so many other people in the same position my head was then full of questions - What to wear to a pole fitness class? Do I need to wear shorts to pole? Where can I buy pole clothes? 
Soon after becoming obsessed with pole and hoop I wanted to buy more outfits (of course) I found it so so difficult to find shorts that as a beginner I was comfortable in. Everything was so tiny and skimpy. I wanted more coverage on my bum, I wanted more coverage on my legs and I wanted to be able to tuck my mum tum pouch in. I got by don't get me wrong and over the years through being a part of this amazing industry I have become more body confident and now I will wear some items that I would have laughed at the thought of 3 years ago!
We - Holly & Marcus - decided to embark on this business venture to bring clothes to men and women of all shapes and sizes. We want to be able to deliver clothes that make YOU feel confident in YOUR body! Our aim is to really focus on those points of an item of clothing that affects so many of us. Are the straps adjustable? Does the waistband sit higher up? Can you remove the padding? Can you put padding in? We are here for you and your body.
Please bear with us, we are still new and it is going to take a while to get different styles and sizes fully stocked. If there is something you would particularly like then please do get in touch with us, we are only more than happy to try and help where we can.
We are so excited about this adventure and have lots planned for the not to distant future. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us.
Love from
M & H