Super Fly Honey Safety Statement

Super Fly Honey Sticky Pole Wear Leggings safety Statement
  1. While you may feel like the sticky leggings give you newfound powers, you are still human and safety is number one! Please continue to follow the safety rules and proper technique as guided by your qualified pole instructor.

  1. While the leggings may assist you in keeping warm, please continue to be diligent in your usual warm-up and conditioning exercises to avoid strain and injury. 

  1. In rare cases, the leggings may cause fabric burn. This can happen if you are slipping inside the leggings. This can be avoided by picking the right snug fit using this sizing chart

  1. The silicone grip may peel with intense friction tricks like drops. Please avoid these in your sticky leggings.

  1. Only use the sticky leggings on poles that are chrome, steel or brass. Do not use it on a silicone pole, as the silicone grip rubbing on the silicone pole may damage the leggings. 

  1. The rigorous activity of pole dance requires intense friction with our skin and sticky leggings. Just like car tires, overtime the grip will wear down. In this case, please discontinue use.

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