Envirogrip liquid chalk pole grip aid
Enviro Grip - Friends Pack - Aerial Attire
Enviro Grip

Enviro Grip - Friends Pack

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Are sweaty hands impacting your pole training?
Have you been searching high and low for a new pole grip? 
Don't worry we have you sorted! Introducing - Enviro Grip
Vegan friendly
Biodegradable Tube
Not tested on animals
50 cents (AUD) goes to charity
Unique formula
Amazing vanilla scent
With Enviro Grips unique formula of liquid chalk that helps to reduce sweat and increase grip to give you performance results like never before. 
To use Enviro Grip apply a small amount of grip to one hand, rub hands together and wait until dry before use. Reapply as needed. To remove, wash hands with soapy water.
Enviro Grip top tips:
Once you have applied it to your hands, rub them together and allow them to dry. (Blow on them to watch it dry faster!)
Smell your hands!! We are not kidding. Enviro Grip has a hint of vanilla fragrance that customers are raving about.
Enviro Grip can be applied not just to your hands, but to any areas of the body you want to reduce sweat.!
Give yourself a high five! Not only are you gripped up and ready to go, but your purchase has also contributed 50 cents (AUD) towards the conservation of our environment. 
When it comes to the time to dispose of your bottle, remember the bottle itself is biodegradable so can go in with the regular rubbish where it will degrade during the waste process. And the cap is recyclable so it can be added in with your recycling.