The Bendy Brand Topaz Back Warmer
The Bendy Brand Back Warmer Topaz
The Bendy Brand

Gemstone Edition: Luxury Back Warmer - Topaz

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The Bendy Brand have created something really special for you.
Gemstone edition luxury back warmers, inspired by some of the most beautiful gemstones. Keep your spine warm before, during and after training with these beautiful back warmers. 
Also available in: Emerald & Purple Amethyst
Double layer: Unique stretch, smooth velvet exterior, matching colour sports lycra lining inside

Can also be folded in half
Once you have had a back warmer you will never look back!

  Small: waist 24/25in, hips 29/30in
Medium: waist 27/28in, hips 32/33in
Large: waist 31/32, hips 36/37 in
Bendy wearing size M - height 5ft 4, size 10

Don't miss out - These really are something special!
Thoughts: As a pole dancer and occasional aerial hoop goer I can not recommend a back warmer enough. During Pole class the back warmer helps keep your spine warm and when you have finished training it feels comforting and soothing. On the hoop it not only helps keep your back warm but they act as an extra layer which we all know is a massive bonus!