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Pole Crush Back Warmer - Red

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Bending, Stretching, Flexing, Training.

Back Warmers are a fantastic way to keep those muscles warm.

Keep those muscles warm - These Pole Crush back warmers are a fantastic training aid.

Polers - wearing a back warmer can be so beneficial, aside from keeping those muscles warm, enhancing your training it is an extra layer on those cold days. You can fold it down if you need that extra bit of skin

Aerial Hoop / Silks lovers - Wear it during your warm up and throughout your training to keep that back nice and warm. Plus its such a welcome extra layer when it comes to doing those back balances on the hoop. 

Yoga & Pilates - Again, what a fantastic training aid. No mater if you are training that back bend or your bridge. Keep those muscles nice and warm during your flexibility training. You will never be without one again. 

Wear it, Fold it, Love it!

Once you have a back warmer you will never be with out one. 

The Plain bright bold colours are perfect to wear with so many outfits! They are lined with black.

Thoughts: Beautifully funky bright back warmers - We just love love love backwarmers and cant explain how much they can really help you in your training. Weather it be flexibility training or an extra layer to wear on the hoop or warming up for pole or be like me and wear it walking the dog! 

Also available in Turquoise and Purple!


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