We turn 3!!

And just like that we are 3 years old! Everyone always says 'where has the time gone?' - but really - where has the time gone? I'm not going to lie - some parts of this year have been really tough, the good old Rona had a bit to do with that, but we have weathered the storm and we are still here, still growing and still smiling. In the last 12 months we have achieved so much more than I could have imagined. We have attended a few pop ups in local studios and the feedback has been incredible, over the last couple of years we have got to know many of our customers and it's always so special to meet in person. Pop up shops are something we love doing, so if you are interested in one for your pole studio then please do get in touch and we will see what we can do.   


When I started the business 3 years ago my vision was to have our customers at the front of our journey and I'm so proud to say that is still 100% the case. Any decision we make we always try to focus on how we can do the best for you, as with anything we may not get it right all of the time but we will always do our best. I want to say a huge Thank You to all of our amazing customers this year and the last 3. You have all been incredible and we wouldn't be here without you, you are a part of this journey too! 
We held a poll on our Instagram stories and asked what was the one thing we definitely needed for birthday celebrations and 99% of you said....CAKE! So cake is what we did, made by the amazing @emscakeco (check her out on Instagram) and I am sure you will agree that it's a beaut! 
Pole wear uk we turn 3 years old with cake
Our spin wheel is back on our website to celebrate our birthday, so head to our homepage and spin to see what you win! 
Also this year we welcomed affiliates to the team, and what an incredible bunch they are! A huge massive thank you to our amazing team: Emily - @protein_princess94, Vic - @vixenpole Char - @Charcharpole (check them out on Instagram) we are so lucky to have you with us! Over the next year we will hopefully expand this more and I have lots of ideas lined up for them this year. Watch out for specific blogs being introduced etc. :) 
You may see on socials we mention Roxy (@roxynightmare)  quite a bit. Roxy has been such an incredible help over the past couple of years. Every event we do, Roxy is a key part of its success and I couldn't of managed without her. Being such a selfless and kind person Rox  is always keen to help in any way we need. Thank you so much Rox, I am so grateful! Also Studio Essence and the team: Sam, Zoe & Kelly have been a great support from the very beginning. We often hold pop ups at the amazing Studio Essence in Somerset and the whole studio comes together for a big pole wear shopping session, it's always such good fun! 
So as we say goodbye to year 2 and welcome in year 3 I still can't help but reflect and think what a journey it's been. Running a business is hard and never let anyone tell you otherwise, long days, nights, hours and hours of thinking about one tiny thing and trying to decide if it is the right decision - but I'm not sure I would change anything looking back. I may have bought too many of the wrong collections or not enough of another but through these decisions you learn and without learning we wouldn't be where we are, I just go forward trying to make fewer of the not quite right decisions 😂. But we live and learn. I am so excited for everything this year may have in store: we may look at getting our first office, Competitions, pop ups, adding to the team, giveaways, challenges and many more things that are in the pipeline. Exciting times! 
Anyway - That's just a little bit about year 2/3.
Whatever you have planned for the next 12 months, I hope it's a good one for you. 
As always - feel free to reach out anytime. 
I'm off to eat cake 😂
Holly x 
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