Grip + Glow - Is it worth it?

Hey all, Amy here….

Let me start by telling you a bit about me and then we can get onto the product in question - Grip + Glow. So my pole journey started way back in 2016 (wow that is 8 years ago, I dont think I had realised that until I wrote it down) Like anyone who has been poling for a couple of years Covid massively had an impact for quite a while but I am loving it again and go to the studio a couple of times a week now. Soon after joining I noticed issues with my grip which would soon affect my ability to achieve moves and progress on my pole journey. Over the years I have tried so many different grip aids, some for hands, some for my body, some have stuck the course, some have not! 

So as I said I have tried many different pole grips/aids but nothing has compared to my trusty Grip & Glow. Firstly let's talk about the smell (if a grip doesn't smell nice, it ain't going near me)! There are so many different scents but my personal favorites have to be Piña Colada and Coming Up Roses. I personally prefer a sweet smelling scent, not only does it  smell amazing but the smell also has fab staying power. In class I have had many of my buddies comment on the yummy smell coming from my corner and some of them even recognise the product I’m using purely from the smell. 

The spray is super lightweight and dries within seconds which is really useful if you need to pop it on just before class. Although I have found to get the max amount of grip for my skin (everyone is different) I apply the spray about half an hour before my pole lesson. This leaves enough time for it to really dry into my skin. The main areas I spray are between my thighs, the backs of my legs and sometimes I might wack it out in class and give my sides a quick spray if it looks like we might be needing side grip. 

So many people ask me what Grip + Glow is like and if the grip is any good, well the way I would describe it is - imagine you have been on the pole for half an hour….you know when your skin has that sweet spot of grip, tacky but not too sweaty? Well it's just like that! It's that bit of tackiness (that doesn't make you feel rank and sticky) that just makes all the difference! 

With other grips I have found that I have had  to apply them 4 or more times in my pole class. With Grip + Glow I only have to apply once and know I don’t need to worry about re-gripping half way through the class (occasionally I might have a cheeky spray though if the pole teacher decides to throw something unexpected our way, or if I need a quick fragrance boost). 

So all in all….. would I recommend this product? 

I can honestly say that I would highly recommend it to anyone who is going to pole class, no matter your level. I have been buying Grip + Glow now for years and I will continue to, massive fan if you can't tell!!  

Thanks so much for reading…

Amy x

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