Black sticky knee pads for pole dance
Pole dance knee pads
Luna Pole wear sticky knee pads
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Pole fitness knee pads sticky
Black sticky knee pads for kips and pole fitness

Sticky Silicone Knee Pads

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Lunalae's Best Knee Pads
Sticky silicone knee pads for that extra protection
Perfect for floorwork and sticky enough for pole dance
Padding thickness - 1.2cm
Hole at the back for skin to grip 
Patent leather at the back for grip against the pole
Embedded Luna Pole Wear Logo
Measurement: - Lower thigh
31cm -34.5cm 35cm -37cm 38cm -42cm 43cm -45cm 45cm -47.5cm
Please Note: The knee pad does provide some stretch, however, Luna recommends if you measure in between sizes, going up a size.