We are on the move!!!

Aerial Attire will have its own HQ!

Yes, you read that right we are finally moving into our own permanent office.  This has been so long in the planning and so many times we have got close to securing a space and for one reason or another things just haven't panned out but now I am so glad that they didn't because this is soooo much better than all of those put together.

The new Aerial Attire HQ location could not be better! Our new office is going to be in the brand new Studio Essence studio! This will be one of the south wests biggest pole and aerial spaces! If you follow Studio Essence on social media you will have seen the new space take shape over the last few months. 

5 mins from the M5

This means so many things for our small business. We will be able to grow our stock range, the home office is literally bursting at the seams! Hopefully in the not too distant future you will be able shop more brands and maybe even buy some shoes through us. 

We will also be able to offer a pickup option for our local orders. This may take a bit of time to implement and a little bit of trial and error but we will get there. 

Bigger and better pop up shops! Our pop up shops are SO popular we debated running time slots last time but the new location means we will be able to offer these on a much bigger scale. If you have never seen a video of our pop ups it is well worth trying to find one. We bring ALL of our stock and fully take over a space. But now with being within Studio Essence it means there are possibilities for you to potentially tie this in with a pole / aerial class or a workshop. If you are making a special trip to us then this will 100% make the most of it! Pole wear shopping & a Pole / Aerial class in one day - AMAZING! 

And all of that isn't the best bit.....

Personalised Appointments!!

You will be able to book an appointment to come and try on anything we have in stock or better yet get a group of you together to come and shop all the pole wear you could want in private! We can really tailor these appointments to your specific needs. 

The possibilities are endless....you could pair it with a workshop or class at Studio Essence or if you are celebrating an event we may be able to put together special packages for you. My mind is buzzing with all the possibilities!

So if you have ever wanted to try on pole wear in person then you are in the right place! We know how hard shopping online is let alone shopping for pole wear online. It needs to fit just right in all the right places so how amazing is it to be able to try on before you buy! 

Our new HQ is about 30 mins outside of Bristol and less than 5 mins off the motorway so it super easy to find...


This is down to you!

We want to say a massive thank you! Without you we would not have been able to achieve this huge step! This move means we can be bigger and better for you! 

Hopefully we will be able to meet lots of you face to face over the next few months.

Stay tuned on social media as that is where we will post day to day updates. 

** POP UP SHOP** We are in talks at the moment to possibly hold a pop up shop in Feb/ March! We will be in touch more about this when we have more details. 


Written by a very excited Holly. x

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